Posted by: Joe | June 3, 2009

Save Money By Outsourcing….

The latest issue of Business Plus magazine contains an excellent article on the benefits of outsourcing your payroll and accounts function.

For many small business owners, the time taken to manage payroll and accounts can result in significant costs in terms of time and money. By employing a specialist like ourselves you can free up your own time to concentrate on developing your business without having to worry about the ever increasing pile of paper and correspondence on your desk.

Some of the advantages of outsourcing some or all of your accounts function include:
– significant time savings for the business owner

– removes the need to hire an employee to do the work required

– costs can be forecast with more accuracy and reliability: fixed fee options can often be negotiated in advance of contracts commencing

– outsourcing removes the need for business owners to be experts in the area of payroll and accounts. For instance, are you comfortable you have sufficient knowledge to process payroll given the many income tax changes following the recent budget?

– your service provider will only be a phone call away if you have queries or questions.

At Lynwood Resources we have a number of clients who have chosen to outsource their entire accounts function to us. Solutions can be tailored to the individual business needs – for example, you may not require a payroll solution but perhaps you could do with some assistance on your bookkeeping.

We also offer a fixed fee function where our fees can be paid monthly by standing order – clients have found this very helpful for their cash flow.

For more details on the services we can provide please visit our website and read the sections on the accounting and payroll services we offer.


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